Service and Repair Department

Seal Sports is an authorized dealer for each manufacturer whose scuba gear we sell.  Each of our highly skilled service technicians are manufacturer qualified, and remains up to date by attending industry and service seminars on a yearly basis. This enables us to maintain not only your scuba gear, but also the manufacturers’ warranty, which enhances the performance and longevity of your scuba equipment while reducing service costs. We service your scuba equipment to the highest of standards.

Our Service and Repair facility located in Mandeville, Louisiana is one of the finest in the area. Newly designed and custom built to offer you the best in scuba gear servicing possible.  It features some of the most current service and repair equipment available in the scuba diving industry allowing our technicians to deliver you high quality work.  Our reputation has been established over many years and we strive each time to give you the best service possible.

It is our goal to have all serviced equipment available for return to the customer within a 7-day turnaround time; however this time may increase if demand for servicing is high during peak seasonal periods or if parts are unavailable.

All our servicing is backed by our 30-Day Guarantee; at which time we offer free performance adjustments to meet your specific needs.  Your satisfaction is our number one concern.

For more information about our Scuba Service & Repair Department please call: 985.674.3088 or (888) 917-2822; email
Or mail to: 2213 N Causeway Blvd. Mandeville, Louisiana LA 70471

Service and Repairs offered by Seal Sports
  • Scuba Regulator Servicing
  • Scuba BCD Servicing
  • Dive Computer/Watch - Battery Changes
  • Scuba Cylinder Air, Nitrox, O2 and Trimix Fills
  • Scuba Cylinder Testing & Inspections
  • Speargun Rigging Services
  • Divator MKII Servicing
  • Wet Suit Repairs
Scuba Regulator Servicing
To comply with the Manufacturer’s Warranty all scuba regulators require annual servicing by an Authorized Dealer.  This includes a complete overhaul either yearly or every two years (depending on the manufacturer) or 50 dives whichever comes first.  Regulator inspections are required in the “off” years. Failure to comply with these standards will void the Manufacturer’s Warranty and could result in increased inhalation effort or ultimately equipment malfunction. It will also increase the servicing costs significantly over the life of the regulator.  All overhauls are completed with genuine manufacturer service kits. We service regulators from each of the manufactures in which we sell.

Scuba Regulator Inspection Process
  • Pressurized Immersion Test
  • Medium Pressure Check
  • Opening Effort Check
  • Smooth Operation of Knobs & Levers
  • Filter Inspection
  • Exhaust Valve Inspection
  • Mouthpiece Inspection
  • Hose Inspection
Scuba Regulator Overhaul Service
  • Regulator Inspection performed prior to service.
  • Disassembly of the 1st stage, 2nd stage, hoses, and instruments.
  • Ultrasonically clean all metal parts.
  • Clean all plastic and rubber parts in warm soapy water.
  • Inspect all parts for corrosion, cracks and excessive wear.
  • Replace all the required o-rings, filters and seats from the manufacturer service kit.
  • Reassemble the regulator to specifications.
  • Service the high pressure spool at the analog gauge.
  • Adjust the regulators Intermediate Pressure, Flow Rate, and Opening Effort according to the manufactures specifications.
  • Pressure Immersion Test regulator to check for leaks.
  • Service Record updated and regulator packaged for pickup.
Labor Fees
  • Reg. & BC Inspection: $25
  • 3-Stage Overhaul:$90 + parts
  • 1st Stage Overhaul:$40 + parts
  • 2nd Stage Overhaul: $25 + parts
  • Integrated Air Source: $45 + parts
  • SPG Spool Service:$15
  • Shipping US: $9.95
Scuba regulators received in excessively poor condition will be charged an extra $15 in labor costs to cover the additional servicing time required.

Warranty Service
For warranty service and repair the following requirements apply:
  • Up to Date Service Records
  • Proof of Original Purchase
Scuba BCD Servicing
Like regulators, BCDs require annual inspections by an Authorized Dealer to insure safe operation and to maintain the manufacturers’ warranty.  Failure to comply with these standards will void the Manufacturer’s Warranty and could result in equipment malfunction.  We provide service for BCDs from each of the manufactures in which we sell.

Scuba BCD Service Process
  • Leak Test
  • Disassembly of the power inflator
  • Ultrasonically clean all metal parts.
  • Clean all plastic and rubber parts in warm soapy water.
  • Inspect all parts for corrosion, cracks and excessive wear.
  • Replace all the parts from the manufacturer service kit.
  • Reassemble the power inflator to specifications.
  • Final Testing
  • Service Record updated and readied for pickup
Labor Fees
  • BCD Service: $25
Dive Computers/Watches – Battery Changes
  • Dive Computers: $39.95
  • Watches: $39.95
Cylinder Fill Station
State of the Art Fill Station with the ProBlender and Metered Mixing Manifold combined we're capable of blending all mixtures.
We fill TRIMIX, NITROX, and OXYGEN Compatible AIR that is clean, dry, filtered, compressed air at pressures up to 4000psi from our Baurer breathing air compressor.  Our air is tested quarterly by an independent laboratory to ensure it is in compliance with the compressed gas quality specification CGA Grade E(2).
Nitrox & Air Fills, for divers, air gunners and paint ballers can normally be completed while you wait.

Cylinder Testing & Inspections
DOT regulations stipulate that respiratory cylinders have a visual inspection annually and be hydrostatically tested once every 5 years.  Seal Sports has certified PSI Visual Cylinder Inspectors on staff at all times to ensure a quick turnaround (usually 1-day) of your visual inspection.  Hydrostatic testing is outsourced to a qualified testing facility resulting in an average 1-week turnaround.
  • Scuba Cylinder Visual Inspection: $16.50
  • Scuba Cylinder Visual Inspection & Fill: $19
  • Scuba Cylinder Hydro, Visual & Fill: $40
  • Visual Eddy: $10
  • Failed Hydrostatic Test: $25
Speargun Rigging Services
Does your speargun need new cable or a new tip for a big day at the rigs? No problem, Seal Sports will rig your speargun just how you want it.  Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you with all of your spearfishing needs.

Dive Gear Rental Department
Haven’t made your own dive equipment purchase just yet?  Well don’t let that stop you from going scuba diving! Seal Sports offers a wide range of scuba equipment for rental.  All our scuba gear is maintained to the highest standard and is regularly inspected to ensure that you are always provided with reliable scuba equipment.

Rental Periods
  • 1-Day: Pickup pm before rental day; Return am after rental day
  • Weekend: Pickup Friday; Return Monday
  • Weekly: Pickup 1-Days before rental week; Return 1-days after
  Day Rate Weekend Rate Weekly Rate
BCD $20 $30 $55
Regulator $20 $30 $55
Wetsuit $15 $25 $50
Weight Belt & Lead $8 $11 $19
Dive Computer $25 $35 $65
Cylinder 80cf $10 $15 $26
Dive Flag $7 $12 $24
Full Kit $60 $85 $160
Camera $40 $55 $95
Full Kit: BCD; Regulator; Wetsuit; Weight Belt & 80cf Cylinder
  • A credit card is required when renting equipment.
  • Proof of certification is required before renting equipment.
  • Rental agreement is necessary for all rentals.
For more information about our Dive Gear Rental Department please call: 985.674.3088 or (888) 917-2822 or email

Or Mail to: 2213 N Causeway Blvd. Mandeville, Louisiana LA 70471