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  1. 3.4 Kayak, angle 3.4 Kayak, angle

    Malibu Kayaks 3.4 Kayak

    Our lightest kayak, the 3.4 is a recreational and fitness kayaker’s dream. The casual paddler will appreciate the 3.4’s sleek design, great turn responsiveness, and ease of motion in low wind. Max capacity is 230 lbs. – 140 lbs. for surfing. Learn More
  2. Express Kayak, side-yellow

    Malibu Kayaks Express Kayak

    If kayak surfing is your thing, look no further. The Express is the surf ski of choice, with aerodynamic straight line design, ultra lightweight rotomolded polyethylene, stability, and low windage. It can also be outfitted for fishing. Learn More
  3. Mini-X, Malibu Kayaks, angle Mini-X, Malibu Kayaks, angle

    Malibu Kayaks Mini-X Kayak

    Great for beginners, the Mini-X is lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver. This smaller version of our X-Factor is now equipped with a standing platform for easy recreational paddling and shallow-water fishing. A solid all-purpose mini. Learn More
  4. Pro 2 Tandem, Malibu Kayaks, angle Pro 2 Tandem, Malibu Kayaks, angle

    Malibu Kayaks Pro 2 Tandem Kayak

    Couples, siblings, and fitness partners alike will love the Pro 2 Tandem – the ultimate two-seater kayak. Designed for all-around lake and ocean paddling for riders of all ages and skill level. Twice the fun, but A-Okay for a single rider. Learn More
  5. Pro Explorer Kayak, angle Pro Explorer Kayak, angle

    Malibu Kayaks Pro Explorer Kayak

    You’d rather be fishing. But long kayak expeditions also suit your fancy. Bring on the Pro Explorer. Perfect for both fishing and touring, the Pro Explorer is an outdoor lover’s match. Includes Gator Hatch and a robust 450 lb. capacity. Learn More
  6. Ranger 15.1 Kayak, side-lime

    Malibu Kayaks Ranger 15.1 Kayak

    Why choose between a canoe and a kayak? The Ranger 15.1 brings you the best of both – the maneuverability of a kayak with the comfort and precision of a canoe. Our 15.1 is a single-seat canoe kayak hybrid, great for recreation or fishing. Learn More
  7. Ranger 15.2 Kayak, side-mango

    Malibu Kayaks Ranger 15.2 Kayak

    A canoe and a kayak in tandem form. The Ranger 15.2 hybrid is a fast, versatile ride, letting you and a friend enjoy smooth touring or fishing across a variety of waters. Converts for 1 or 2 riders and offers a massive hull for storage. Learn More
  8. Sierra 10 Kayak, angle

    Malibu Kayaks Sierra 10 Kayak

    Unlike our other kayaks, the Sierra-10 is a sit-inside model, giving it a stable, dry ride for winter kayaking. Great for the all-season fisherman, the Sierra-10 comes equipped with our Apex-1 seat, 2 rod holders, and ample storage space. Learn More
  9. Stealth-12 Kayak, angle Stealth-12 Kayak, angle

    Malibu Kayaks Stealth-12 Kayak


    A great mid-sized option for expert anglers, the Stealth-12 is a well-balanced fishing machine.  Comes fully equipped with Gator Hatch (for your little fishing apprentice), 3-hatch Center Bait Tank System, and front and rear rod holders.

    Learn More
  10. Stealth-14 Kayak, angle Stealth-14 Kayak, angle

    Malibu Kayaks Stealth-14 Kayak

    The top of the line Stealth series, the Stealth-14 provides ample 550 lb. storage capacity, Gator Hatch, patented casting platform, and of course, our 3-hatch Center Bait Tank System. A must for the discerning angler who demands everything. Learn More
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