JBL Magnum Elite Series

JBL Magnum Elite Series

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Metal elites are based off our indestructible XHD grip and features a hardened carbide, two-piece 17-7 stainless mechanism, 17-4 stainless shafts, shark fin style tabs and top flopper with 5/16" thread. Shoot Tahitian-style or remove the flopper and screw on a break-away tip for large game fish. Bands are Hi-Mod 5/8" O.D. with abrasion resistant Spectra cord Wishbones.

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Three Models available:

Description Legth Shaft Band Point Reach Floatation
Elite Magnum 55.00" 754-E (2) 326E Point & Flopper with 5/16 Threads 28' Yes
Elite Sawed-Off Magnum 42.75" 742-E (2) 320E Point & Flopper with 5/16 Threads 22' Yes
Elite 38-Special 35.75" 734-E (2) 316E Point & Flopper with 5/16 Threads 14' No

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Manufacturer JBL

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