The Boy Scouts of America Scuba Program
Welcome to the World of Scuba Diving!
Have you ever wondered what it's like to dive with flashlights, take digital pictures underwater or float effortlessly like an astronaut?
The popularity of scuba diving with the scouts has grown exponentially over the last several years. Much like scuba, the overall philosophy of scouting encourages the quest for adventure. It is a life changing experience that enables young men and women to embrace challenges in a whole new way. That first breath underwater; the feeling of total weightlessness as you embark into a foreign world enables you to be part of something so powerful it transforms your life.
Seal Sports wants to help you and your troop get out and take advantage of all the environment has to offer underwater by helping you discover the Scuba Diving Merit Badge. Just imagine hovering weightlessly underwater, hanging out with a school of fish, or watching a turtle as it slowly swims by.
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Thousands of scouts have delved into the adventure during jamborees, local camporees, and high adventure trips. Additionally, with the approval of the Scuba Diving merit badge there are now countless opportunities for Boy Scouts to explore the thrill of scuba.
Scuba Diving Merit Badge
Achievement of the Scuba Diving merit badge will result in a PADI Open Water Diver Certification. This is a lifetime certification that is only the first step into an endless world of new experiences, adventures and fun. After completing the certification boys will have the ability to go scuba diving in a variety of different environments and continue their education to further enhance their skill sets.
The Scuba Diving merit badge program consists of four parts:
  • The BSA requirements (use of BSA Scuba Diving merit badge booklet)
  • Scuba Knowledge (use of PADI training material)
  • Confined Water Dives and skill development
  • Open Water Dives
At Seal Sports, we can help you discover the underwater environment and begin an adventure that will last a lifetime while achieving this exciting merit badge.
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