Why I Scuba Dive

Rob_Dad_300x225My passion for Scuba Diving started at an early age, growing up with a dive shop as a family owned business.  I remember tracking my dads air bubbles as I would follow along the shoreline. Always so curious about what he was experiencing.  I'll never forget my first scuba dive... at the age 11 my dad and I dove at one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life; at a lake called Holland Lake in Montana.
A postcard setting with sparkling clear waters that fed from the surrounding high mountain snow peaks.  The experience that I had that day with my dad was one that started me down the path of my life's journey as a diver.  The thrill of exploring a new underwater world that holds endless possibilities for discovery is something that is impossible to explain. It must be discovered individually.  Sharing that experience with others has become my life’s work.The passion that I feel for Scuba Diving began that day with my dad, and has only grown stronger as I have shared it with over a thousand students and other divers over the years.  It’s the calm, excitement, joy, curiosity, possibility and adventure that each dive holds.

I relish the whole process, from the dive planning and preparation, to dive day… when it’s an adventure just getting to your point of entry.

Then, the dive itself!  The truth is: the more you scuba dive, the more you want to go Raggeytooth Sharkscuba diving.  It’s estimated that nearly 80% of all life on Earth is found under the ocean’s surface.  Everything that you have seen or touched in life is just a fraction of all that exists. The truth is, to be submerged within the ocean is truly another world. Imagine the movie Avatar, but not just watching it on the big screen with your 3-D glasses on.  Imagine you’re submerged in it, real life fluorescing all around you!

For me, scuba diving has become spiritual in many ways. There is the world above the water, and then there is the very vibrant and largely-untouched world that is below.  Sharing that new world with others, experiencing it anew each time we enter the water, continuously adds wonder to life.

Rob KohlRob Kohl, Owner Seal Sports