Truk Lagoon Trip of a Lifetime: December 2015

Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon is rated one of the Top 5 Destinations in the World for Wreck Diving by PADI, and it's easy to see why.  The Truk/Chuuk Lagoon was home to a Japanese naval anchorage and airbase during WWII, and when the U.S. attacked in 1944, the destruction was profound - 12 warships and 32 merchant ships were sunk, along with 249 aircraft. More than 20 wrecks have been found in the intervening years.

And while it's true that history and mystery abound in this exotic locale, Truk Lagoon isn't just about high-adventure and underwater archaeology. There's beautiful soft coral growth on every wreck, and even people who are not wreck enthusiasts will find it very cool to see bicycles, pick-up trucks, tanks, torpedoes, guns, airplane parts, engines, and gas masks from World War II underwater.

ArrayImages3Seal Sports is proud to announce that we have booked this "Bucket List" trip for December 6-13, 2015.

A $500 deposit is necessary to reserve your space, and payment plans may be arranged.  More information is available on our website, or call us to learn more: 985-674-3088.

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