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  • Kayaking and Paddle Boarding the Bogue Falaya - Diving Navarre, FL

    If you ever get the itch to go play in the water but can't rope anyone in, there's probably someone poking around Seal Sports who would love to join you.  We all work very hard to develop and hone our diving and paddling skills - so that we can play even harder!

    kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing bogue falaya, covington, louisianaLast weekend was a blast.  Several of us paddled down the Bogue Falaya on Saturday - just minutes away from Seal Sports and public launch spots!  We even found a rope swing.  Eventually we kayaked, paddle boarded, and canoed on down to the Chimes, revamped with some good food, and then paddled right back to the launch.  A simple and pleasant Saturday afternoon, getting to know one another and enjoying some good weather on the river.

    "Many of us started these adventures as strangers, but by the end we all belonged to the Seal Sports family… We had many laughs and memories made together this weekend and I'll remember them forever." - Bethany O'Malley


    Properly exhausted but not yet satiated, a small group of us managed to get on the road Sunday morning and head to Navarre Beach in Florida.  Three hours and a few cups of coffee later, and we were putting on our scuba gear!  The shallow beach dive was easy but very captivating.  We saw plenty of sea life, including a couple of octopuses.  Plenty of bottom time and the water was go pro, scuba diving with seal sportsperfect.  An entertaining drive home and a good night's sleep set up the week ahead the right way!


    Join us on our next adventure.  We've got everything you could need - let's explore the world around us.  Together!


    "I had a great time!  I'd definitely do it again." - Kyle Knight

  • Kayak Camping in Louisiana and Beyond

    Kayak Camping in LouisianaCamping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors on your vacation, but what if you were to added some water exploration to your next camping trip? Kayak camping in Louisiana can help you do just that. Before you know it, you’ll be paddling down the river, seeing all the beauty and tranquility that Louisiana has to offer. Bring the whole family and enjoy a fun and relaxing camping trip on a kayak nearly any month of the year. Continue reading

  • Should You Buy or Rent Your Kayak?

    Rent or Buy KayakKayaks make a great investment for your family; everyone can enjoy taking them out on local rivers and lakes, while also discovering new places along the way. They are easy to mount on your car and store in the garage. But when you get serious about getting a boat for your next vacation, is it better to rent or purchase one? Here are a few tips to help you decide. Continue reading

  • Kayak or Boat Fishing?

    Kayak Fishing Louisiana

    Many people love the joy and peace that comes with fishing. Fishing is a very popular hobby, especially in Sportsman’s Paradise: Louisiana. People really go all out when they buy their equipment. Typically, a fisherman is going to need a fishing rod, a tackle box, and the right kind of boat. Some fishermen love to use a regular fishing boat, but a few smart sportsmen are now switching over to a kayak. In the debate about which fishing boat is best to use, the clear winner is fishing with a kayak.  Here is more information on why the kayak is the boat of choice for fishermen.

    Continue reading

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