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  • Louisiana 2013 Tax Free Holiday = Big Savings at Seal Sports!

    This week customers have a once-a-year opportunity to 'take a holiday' from State Sales Tax and save on everything (sale or regular priced) at Seal Sports.  In fact, most retail purchases throughout the state are exempt from the four percent state sales tax during the 2013 Louisiana Annual Sales Tax Holiday Friday, August 2, and Saturday, August 3, 2013.

    gearpackage2What does this mean for our customers? Great deals. From our already highly reduced (35%!) scuba gear packages, to our many newly added fishing and recreational kayaks (our showroom is stuffed) everyone saves on nearly everything. But only for two days. Drop by and see us on Friday and Saturday, and purchase that mask or wetsuit that you've been considering, or get a great deal on one of our already low priced items.  We enjoy sharing this savings opportunity with you, and hope to see you later this week. Continue reading

  • Kayaking Cane Bayou

    St. Tammany Trace Bridge over Cane BayouSliding off the wet clay of the boat launch, the traffic sounds of Hwy 190 are soon muffled by the pine flatwoods and cypress forest that immediately surround us.   Our twin kayaks glide along with little encouragement from our paddles, slipping through the marshy water.  The St. Tammany Trace stretches over us as we coast under a wooden bridge and the water expands before us.  It’s 6 AM on a warm Friday morning in June, and though we have put our kayaks in water just a few yards from a major highway, Nature has transported us to a timeless, unchanged Louisiana. Continue reading

  • Fishing for a Cause in Grand Isle, Louisiana

    Big shout-out to Seal Sports employee Cole Landry who ‘fished for a cause’ last weekend at the Casting for Kids tournament in Fourchon / Grand Isle, Louisiana.

    Cole Landry Cole Landry

    Cole took 4th place in the tournament and helped raise funds for the Sunshine Program at Clarity Hospice. Cole shares his report from this weekend below:

    My friend Tyler Walther and I both love kayaking and fishing, and together we have formed a team called UP21 fishing. UP21 Foundation is a nonprofit organization started by Tyler's mom, Cassie Walther, and two other mothers that have children with Down syndrome. UP21’s mission is to provide support, resources and education to families of individuals with Down Syndrome, and the community, to foster an environment in which individuals with Down Syndrome achieve their full potential in their community. You can learn more about UP21 at their website www.up21foundation.org. By establishing the UP21 fishing team, we get to fish for a cause and make a difference in young children's lives, two things we really enjoy. Continue reading

  • Scuba Diving in Louisiana and Gulf Coast

    Scuba Diving Louisiana RigsScuba diving in Louisiana is alive and well.  I’m often asked… Where the heck do you go scuba diving in Louisiana?  Wow… are you kidding me!  Louisiana is home to some of the best scuba diving in the country.  Think about it… each one of the hundreds of oilfield platforms off the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico is a huge vertical structure that extends from the bottom of the sea floor to the surface and beyond.  These structures are literally gardens of some of the finest artificial reefs in the world, all teaming with an abundance of life.  These reefs are home to hundreds of species of fish from entertaining Blennies that live in the barnacles to the larger fish like Amber Jack, Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda and even your occasional grey suited fish… the awesome Shark.  Add in the various crustaceans and some coral, and if you haven’t seen it, you will be completely amazed.  So yes there is diving here, and yes the diving Continue reading

  • Choosing the Right Scuba or Snorkeling Fins

    Choosing Scuba & Snorkeling FinsFins you say?  Any fin?  Not so fast!

    I believe fins are perhaps the single most underrated piece of scuba gear.  Choosing the right scuba or snorkeling fins can be an overwhelming task.  We all understand the importance of having a good scuba regulator, for respiratory reasons right?  What about scuba fins?

    Admittedly, I’ve been fortunate.  As a child, my dad outfitted me with equipment from his dive store.  Today, owning and running Seal Sports (my own dive store), I’ve had a lifetime of diving and have worked with every type of equipment for diving that is on the market.  Still, there was a time that I tended to overlook the scuba fins’ importance, as many people do today. Continue reading

  • Kayak Camping in Louisiana and Beyond

    Kayak Camping in LouisianaCamping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors on your vacation, but what if you were to added some water exploration to your next camping trip? Kayak camping in Louisiana can help you do just that. Before you know it, you’ll be paddling down the river, seeing all the beauty and tranquility that Louisiana has to offer. Bring the whole family and enjoy a fun and relaxing camping trip on a kayak nearly any month of the year. Continue reading

  • Should You Buy or Rent Your Kayak?

    Rent or Buy KayakKayaks make a great investment for your family; everyone can enjoy taking them out on local rivers and lakes, while also discovering new places along the way. They are easy to mount on your car and store in the garage. But when you get serious about getting a boat for your next vacation, is it better to rent or purchase one? Here are a few tips to help you decide. Continue reading

  • Swimming and Weight Loss: Lose Fat in the Pool

    Aqua FitnessTrying to lose weight? You have a variety of exercises and diets that you can choose from. However, if you may want to do something that is low impact and fun, consider diving into the pool. Swimming is a great way for you to get the exercise you need and to transform your body.  Here’s more information on getting started.

    Swimming burns a lot of calories. That’s a simple fact. Adults who swim as their way of exercising can burn up to 500 calories for every hour that they are in the pool, swimming, moving, doing water-aerobics, even the simple act of staying afloat. Water is nearly 800 Continue reading

  • Kayak or Boat Fishing?

    Kayak Fishing Louisiana

    Many people love the joy and peace that comes with fishing. Fishing is a very popular hobby, especially in Sportsman’s Paradise: Louisiana. People really go all out when they buy their equipment. Typically, a fisherman is going to need a fishing rod, a tackle box, and the right kind of boat. Some fishermen love to use a regular fishing boat, but a few smart sportsmen are now switching over to a kayak. In the debate about which fishing boat is best to use, the clear winner is fishing with a kayak.  Here is more information on why the kayak is the boat of choice for fishermen.

    Continue reading

  • “I can’t scuba dive because of my ears.”

    Yesterday a teenage boy and his mother came into Seal Sports to try on wetsuits for waterskiing. During their visit, the young man expressed his excitement to be around all of the neat equipment and see the scuba diving footage being played on the big screens. He said that he’d love to scuba dive but couldn’t because of his ears. After a few pointed questions, I learned that he had no past medical issues with his ears; that he simply thought that it would be impossible to scuba dive due to the pain that he had experienced in the past while snorkeling....

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