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A blueprint of your path to the sea no matter your level.

  • About Robert Kohl

    Robert KohlPlease allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert Kohl but I go by Rob. In my past life I was a son of a PADI instructor and a saturation bell diver by the early age of 22. I’ve been down to 720’ and have over 30 years of exploring what our Earths’ waters have to offer. Now my life goal is to show others the power of the sea.

    I'm starting this blog to help empower others to be able to experience the other two thirds of our planet like I've been able to. I hope to do this by providing you with a blueprint of your path to the sea no matter your level, through ongoing discussion, knowledge sharing and critically thinking about everything there is to know about all levels of diving, paddling and swimming.

    I also want to provide the resources, on all levels, that will allow you to get out on (or in) the water and enjoy it. It's a great feeling. Whether it is kayaking, paddleboarding or swimming, this blog will cover it all.

    To learn more about me, please visit Rob Kohl's Diving Credentials and History

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