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  • Choosing the Right Scuba or Snorkeling Fins

    Choosing Scuba & Snorkeling FinsFins you say?  Any fin?  Not so fast!

    I believe fins are perhaps the single most underrated piece of scuba gear.  Choosing the right scuba or snorkeling fins can be an overwhelming task.  We all understand the importance of having a good scuba regulator, for respiratory reasons right?  What about scuba fins?

    Admittedly, I’ve been fortunate.  As a child, my dad outfitted me with equipment from his dive store.  Today, owning and running Seal Sports (my own dive store), I’ve had a lifetime of diving and have worked with every type of equipment for diving that is on the market.  Still, there was a time that I tended to overlook the scuba fins’ importance, as many people do today. Continue reading

  • “I can’t scuba dive because of my ears.”

    Yesterday a teenage boy and his mother came into Seal Sports to try on wetsuits for waterskiing. During their visit, the young man expressed his excitement to be around all of the neat equipment and see the scuba diving footage being played on the big screens. He said that he’d love to scuba dive but couldn’t because of his ears. After a few pointed questions, I learned that he had no past medical issues with his ears; that he simply thought that it would be impossible to scuba dive due to the pain that he had experienced in the past while snorkeling....
  • Why I Scuba Dive

    Rob_Dad_300x225My passion for Scuba Diving started at an early age, growing up with a dive shop as a family owned business.  I remember tracking my dads air bubbles as I would follow along the shoreline. Always so curious about what he was experiencing.  I'll never forget my first scuba dive... at the age 11 my dad and I dove at one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life; at a lake called Holland Lake in Montana.
    A postcard setting with sparkling clear waters that fed from the surrounding high mountain snow peaks.  The experience that I had that day with my dad was one that started me down the path of my life's journey as a diver.  The thrill of exploring a new underwater world that holds endless possibilities for discovery is something that is impossible to explain. It must be discovered individually.  Sharing that experience with others has become my life’s work. Continue reading

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