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  • What is a PADI "Living the Dream Night"?

    PADI Living the Dream

    Living the Dream...As divers we all love to be underwater, and we LOVE to share our passion with others!

    You have your Open Water Certification and may be wondering what's next.  Perhaps you've imagined yourself as a PADI Dive Master, Assistant Instructor or Instructor.

    Living the Dream Night, hosted at Seal Sports, is a yearly event for divers of all levels who wish to continue to improve their dive skills and experiences.  Your next step could be Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Master Scuba Diver, Dive Master, or even Instructor!

    For those thinking about Going Pro, consider how great it would be to share your passion for diving with others. All while getting PAID to do what you LOVE most!

    Every day PADI Pros are living the dream thru their local dive shops, and even getting sand between their toes in exotic destinations. Let us show you how make your dive dreams a reality!

    Join us on July 30th, 7 PM at Seal Sports in Mandeville. This is a great opportunity to hear from PADI Regional Manager Nick Buskirk on continuing your dive training, what it is like to become a professional, and why PADI is the way the world learns to dive.

    Our PADI Living the Dream Night will be a fun filled evening that will include:

    • Charting Your Path through Advancement
    • Review of the PADI Professional Training
    • Question and Answer with local PADI Pros
    • Career Path Counseling Sessions
    • Food and Refreshments
    • Special Discounts & Incentives

    Make sure to Save the Date and join us for our Living the Dream Night! It could very well change your life..

    July 30th, 7 PM at Seal Sports

    Register Live the Dream



    View the Seal Sports Calendar Now to find events and classes

  • Memorial Weekend Benefit BBQ for Chris Santopadre

    Saturday May 23rd, join us at Seal Sports for the Memorial Day Weekend Benefit Barbecue supporting Chris Santopadre's brave battle to defeat brain cancer!

    Chris Fundraiser

    UPDATE June 16, 2015: Thank you to everyone who attended and generously gave of their time, talents and dollars to make this an incredibly successful event.  Your support, love, and well-wishes are deeply appreciated.

    The Seal Sports Dive Community raised $6,200 at the Memorial Weekend Fundraiser, and an additional $5,000 has been raised online.

    If you missed your opportunity donate and Help Chris Beat Brain Cancer, there's still time to join the circle of love and support surrounding our good friend. Simply click on the button below and help us reach our goal of $10,000 in online donations for Chris. THANK YOU!




    Chris Santopadre is a loving father to his son Luke, fought in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Army, and is a dear friend to many. He, unfortunately, found out in March 2015 that he has the most aggressive form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma. He has since undergone surgery to remove a large brain tumor and is currently undergoing chemo and radiation therapy.

    Chris' joy and giving-heart have remained strong during these last few months. Please join with us in encouraging and supporting Chris as courageously fights this battle.

    When: Saturday, May 23rd  from 10 AM until 4 PM
    Where:  Seal Sports
    What: Raffle, Barbecue, Try-Scuba Pool on-site (invite your friends!), a % of all sales will be donated to the fund supporting Chris' medical expenses

    Can't make it? Please consider making a donation through the Help Chris Beat Brain Cancer fundraising page now!  Your kind thoughts, prayers, and donations are greatly appreciated!

    Chris2Chris Military

  • Deep Diver Course this Weekend in Pensacola!

    Ready to dive the wrecks of the Gulf? Join us  May 16 - 17, 2015 for a fun & exciting weekend of diving!

    After your first few dives, and especially with the great diversity of wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico, you'll soon want to explore a bit deeper. Deep Diver Specialty will prepare you for diving in the deeper range of 18-40 metres/ 60-130 feet.

    Deep Diver Course Includes:

    • 4 Deep Dives over the weekend
    • Diving will include the "Mighty O" The Oriskany or another of the Gulf's Great Wrecks!.
    • 1 Evening Classroom session
    • All Boat Fees

    Not included: Deep Diver Manual

    The Details: This is a very popular course that students enjoy and request often!  We will be diving out of Pensacola.

    Price: $395 Full balance is due at sign-up. Space is very limited; reserve your spot today!

    For more information contact Seal Sports at 985.674.3088

  • Falling in Love with Recreational Rebreather Diving

    To be quite honest, I had never really understood the whole "rebreather thing." It just seemed like a real pain without that much gain, but to be frank, I am in no way a "tec" diver.  I like warm water, minimal gear, shallower dives with plenty of light and color, and nice reefs and fish.

    So, when the opportunity came along to try the Hollis Explorer recreational rebreather I thought, "Why not? I'll give it a try."  It seemed like a good concept, a purely recreational rebreather that is quick and easy to handle.

    After getting off to a bit of a rocky start I am finally able to say: this machine rocks! For what it’s designed for, it is wonderful!   If you want to go deep and stay long, this is not the machine for you. But, if you want to dive comfortably on a tropical reef or wreck that is shallower than 130 feet with the sweet spot being 50-70 feet, then the Explorer is what you want.

    Recreational Rebreather DivingThe basic difference between regular scuba, also known as open circuit, and a rebreather, or closed circuit, is that your breath is reused, so to speak, with the carbon dioxide removed and the oxygen used by the diver being replaced by your supply gas.  In the case of the Explorer, this gas is enriched air or nitrox. Here is the big difference, the diver is not “blowing bubbles:” this is what makes a rebreather  so very quiet!  Believe it or not this technology is not new.  The silence allows a diver to blend in with marine life.

    I have been a diver for 36 years, and a PADI instructor for 30 of those years, but I have NEVER been able to interact with marine life and see the things I have seen while diving with the Explorer.  Imagine diving a reef and the only limiting factor being you.  After most of my dives on the Explorer, I am back on the boat after a 60-90 minute dive with the machine telling me I could have stayed longer.  Even though I may have had enough the Hollis Explorer is still raring to go.

    When it comes to getting close to marine life the Hollis Explorer is incredible; the amount of interaction is unbelievable! On several of my Hollis Explorer dives I felt like I had to back up or get out of the way so as not to get run over by fish and even turtles.

    I've found that traveling with the rebreather unit depends on how you are getting to your destination. If by vehicle then just put it in the back seat or bed of the truck and take off.  Air travel is a bit of a pain. I wish I could say otherwise, but it is.  However, I recently traveled from Mandeville, Louisiana to Turks and Caicos to spend a week on a liveaboard. After all the plane rides, and then a dinghy ride to the boat, and reassembly of the unit on deck, I can honestly say that it was worth all of the effort, and I would do it again. It basically boils down to having to check one more piece of luggage.  I hate to pay the extra fee and deal with extra bags, so that could be just a personal issue.

    The bottom line is that I was  pleasantly surprised by the Hollis Explorer.  I am glad that I made the investment, not only in the machine itself but also in the proper training to enjoy it to it’s fullest. So, if you get a chance definitely give one a try. It doesn't require anything other than basic diver training for a quick trial in the pool in order to experience this awesome dive technology.

    Hollis Rebreather in Turks and Caicos Tom Burns "Selfie with a Whale" in Turks and Caicos

    Thomas Burns has been a dive instructor for over 30 years.  He recently became trained on a Hollis Explorer Recreational Rebreather through Seal Sports of Louisiana.  To sign up for an Explore Rebreather Diving opportunity or to learn more about Recreational Rebreather Diving, contact Seal Sports at: (985) 674-3088.  View our course and travel calendar.

  • Live to Scuba Night February 24th!


    Tuesday February 24th @ 7 PM: Diving After Hours will feature LIVE TO SCUBA

    Do you live to dive and love sharing the experience with others? Find that your time spent underwater, exploring the oceans and waterways, are the moments when you feel most at home and connected?  Scuba diving for some is a life changing experience; one that varies with each dive, day, and location.

    LIVE TO SCUBA Night is for everyone who dreams of exploring and experiencing all that diving has to offer.  Whether your goal is to chart a path to Master Scuba Diver, or you are considering enrolling in an IDC (Instructor Development Course) and becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor, this special evening event on February 24, 2015 will answer your questions and provide the opportunities that you are seeking.

    Are you looking to do something extraordinary with your life?  Join us at Seal Sports on February 24th at 7 PM to learn more about developing a plan to advance  your scuba diving experiences, training and skills.

    Seal Sports:  985-674-3088.  Next Instructor Development Course begins April 17, 2015

  • PADI Course Director: A Dive Professional’s Lifetime Milestone

    Congratulations to Seals Sports Owner, Robert Kohl!
    On June 18, 2014 Rob graduated from the PADI Course Director Training Course in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

    Thirty years of diving. For Rob Kohl, the path to PADI’s highest and most respected professional rating in recreational scuba diving has been a life-long journey.

    Padi Course Director TrainingRob grew up diving with his father, Richard Kohl, who owned and operated Kohl's Dive Shop, a successful dive center located in Helena, Montana. At age 19 Rob became a Commercial Diver, a career that he pursued for 10 years. In 2000, Rob turned his focus toward the recreational scuba diving industry and attended a PADI Instructor Development Course, earning his PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification.

    Continue reading

  • Welcome Back Cozumel Dive Group!

    Cozumel Dive GroupDive Instructor Joel Luker led a lively group of 12 Seal Sports divers on a post-Memorial Day trip to Cozumel!  Many of the sun-baked and Ocean-calmed group were able to join us on June 6th at our monthly Diving After Hours social, where we viewed Go-Pro video footage of their underwater adventures.

    Trip Report: "Never long enough!"  The weather was perfect, night diving amazing, plentiful sea-life, hilarious on-board Salsa dancing lessons, and good friendships enjoyed.  Great memories made by all!

    When's the next dive trip?  We have a variety of scuba-travel opportunities coming up:

    • September 27th-October 3rd, 2014: Bahama Sailing Trip leaving directly from Miami
    • January 31st-February 6th, 2015: Turks & Caicos, one of our most popular destinations!
    • June 11th-20th, 2015: FIJI Islands, Beqa Lagoon Resort
    • December 6th–13th, 2015: Truk Lagoon: National Geographic #1 Pick for "Best Wreck Diving"


    2people CozNight cozumel 024







    Cozumel3Divers CozumelSalsa

  • Scuba Diving and Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide!

    GGpdfimageWondering what to buy for your favorite diver this Christmas season?  We've made it easy for you! Our Scuba Diving and Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide may be downloaded as a pdf:  Holiday Scuba Gift Guide

    or view online.

  • Scuba Diving Camp for Kids: Young Divers Learn Safety and Skills

    Kids ages 8-12 can 'dive into' Scuba DivingDCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROthrough Seal Sports and our expanded PADI Seal Team Program.

    Summer 2013, a group of young divers spent five days learning and practicing skills such as buoyancy control, mask clearing, and regulator recovery, which are all part of the PADI Seal Team program that introduces kids to the wonders of breathing and moving underwater. Continue reading

  • Rebreather Diving

    Rebreather Diving EntryWith my fin tips hanging over the boat’s edge, I complete my final check, firmly hold my mask in place, and take a giant stride, plunging into the ocean. Senses heightened, I feel the temperate tropical waters surround me and the initial splash of water gives way to a silent world of blue. I drift slowly, descending through the water, pretending I’m free falling from the sky, but at a slow-motion speed until I come to rest on the beach-like sandy bottom.

    Looking around I see little mounds of white, fine sand, home to some fish or creature,  while dozens of garden eels peak their heads out of hiding, swaying like seagrass as far as the eye can see.  I’m soon surrounded by a school of hundreds of horse-eye jacks shimmering silver in the Sun’s penetrating rays. Fish pass within inches of me… Continue reading

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