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  • Jon Atwater Fundraiser - To Make a Difference

    In September 2013 a mentor of mine, Mark Divine, e-mailed me “Courage Doesn't Always Roar” his account of Jon Atwater’s heroic battle to overcome paralysis for the second time.

    I read Marks email just minutes after meeting with a man with similar challenges to start him on the journey to scuba diving.  That man and his family are now good friends, and the experience has touched everyone involved in an uplifting and positive manner. We were honored to have been apart of it.

    Likewise, as I've followed Jon Atwater's journey over the last few months, I found myself quietly cheering him on and wishing there was more I could do. His determination and courage to recover and move forward in life after a devastating injury, has inspired and deeply resonated with me.

    Today, thanks to his family, friends and teammates, there is a unique opportunity to encourage, support and cheer-on this inspiring man. The SEALFIT: Jon Atwater Fundraiser Auction is online now.  Through our dive-charter company,  Easy Diver Charters, I've donated a 6-Person, 2-Day Dive Package which includes: Continue reading

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