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  • Enriched Air - Diving with Nitrox

    Extend Dive TImes Well known as PADI's most popular specialty course, it is still common for new divers to wonder what are the advantages to scuba diving with enriched air nitrox?  The simple answer is that in most cases a diver can stay down longer, and experience shorter surface intervals using enriched air.  For those reasons alone, Enriched Air Diver is often the first specialty course taken by new divers.  However, there are several other benefits to diving with enriched air nitrox.

    1. More Time to Explore: It's why we dive!  Longer bottom times are possible because  the reduced percentage of nitrogen in enriched air nitrox allows divers to extend their no-decompression limits (dive time) by reducing nitrogen absorption. Recreational enriched air nitrox (21-40% oxygen) contains a lower percentage of nitrogen than air.

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