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  • Mastering Scuba Diving: More than Just Open Water Certification

    Do you remember when you attended your first scuba lesson?  Then taking your first breath off a scuba regulator during your first pool session?  How about your first open water certification dive?  What did you feel?  Was it Uncertainty?  Apprehension?  Anxiety?  Excitement?

    Now, remember that feeling when you completed your final open water training dive.  What emotions were you feeling then?  Exhilaration?  Satisfaction?  Accomplished?  Pride? Master Scuba Diving CourseLooking back, you had made tremendous strides in that period of time, from your first day of scuba lessons, and you should feel pride.  You were finally an Open Water Certified Diver.

    So, what comes next?  Was getting “certified” your goal?  Or was becoming a good scuba diver your goal?

    In scuba diving, Open Water Diver is equivalent to earning a White Belt in karate. A diver now has some basic knowledge and skills, and has taken the first step of the much longer journey that will lead to the ‘Black Belt’ of diving: Master Scuba Diver.
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