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  • Choosing the Right Scuba or Snorkeling Fins

    Choosing Scuba & Snorkeling FinsFins you say?  Any fin?  Not so fast!

    I believe fins are perhaps the single most underrated piece of scuba gear.  Choosing the right scuba or snorkeling fins can be an overwhelming task.  We all understand the importance of having a good scuba regulator, for respiratory reasons right?  What about scuba fins?

    Admittedly, I’ve been fortunate.  As a child, my dad outfitted me with equipment from his dive store.  Today, owning and running Seal Sports (my own dive store), I’ve had a lifetime of diving and have worked with every type of equipment for diving that is on the market.  Still, there was a time that I tended to overlook the scuba fins’ importance, as many people do today. Continue reading

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